Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Balls to the wall

My flatmate was asking me the other day what I hope to do in this up coming 3000m race.

"Balls to the wall, get the first mile out of the way and fast and try to hang on in for the rest.... Balls to the wall? uhm... is that right?? it doesn't really make sense..."

He reckoned it sounded good, but the more we thought about it the more ridiculous it sounded. It was decided that as long as I used it in a running sense and he doesn't arrive home to find me in any bizarre position we'll be alright!

Thankfully the Internet came to my rescue and it appears that it does make sense and a perfectly reasonable explanation follows. It originates from pilots pushing the gear stick (ball) as far forward as possible to the wall in front to go at full power. Why this phrase is in my head for going fast I have no idea but at least I was using it in the right context... well kind of... I'm not a jet... yet!
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