Monday, June 9, 2008

Dublin Bound

I travelled back to Dublin on Thursday night. The flight was delayed which meant I technically didn't get in until Friday but still. The following 48 hours proved to be fairly hectic but it seems to have calmed down now.

- Friday morning - Training - 10 x 300 metres in the local park
- Physio appointment to sort out my poxy achilles. If I had one word to describe this it'd be "painful". I asked at one stage if anyone ever pulls their leg away in the middle of a session. No one has to date but I wouldn't put it past someone soon.
- Dinner with the parents and sister who is also back home for the weekend
- 8am Saturday - To the local pub to watch the New Zealand v Ireland game. Thankfully no alcohol was on the menu at that crazy hour for sport watching but there was a fry on the cards.
- 10.30am Saturday - Headed into town with my older sister to faff around for a while. By far and away the earliest I think I've ever made it into town on a Saturday.
- Lunch at my younger sisters house
- Radiohead gig in Malahide castle. Great gig, great day, nightmare commute home
- 1.30am Home, bed.
- Sunday morning - 15 mile run
- Falling in and out of sleep during Dublin v Louth, Croatia v Austria and Germany v Poland

I'm spending the rest of the week here in Dublin. I don't have too many plans for during the week. Maybe go to a gig, hit the cinema, prepare my liver for a big weekend, and train of course....
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