Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Out of the blue update

I've arrived back in London now after my recent trip home. Between gigs, meeting clients, catching up with friends and family, I managed to somehow fit in some running.

On Tuesday last I jumped in on a session with a group of lads who were doing some 1kms in the park. I've no idea who they were, I saw them warming up and just asked them what their session was and if it was alright if I could tag along. Sometimes this running can be a nice way of meeting people. They invited me along for another session that weekend but it didn't really fit in with the fact that I was off boozing on the Friday night!

Then on the Friday I took on what should have been 10 x 300m on the grass. The plan was to go out hard for the first 100, go steady for the second before pushing it home. I gave myself about a minute recovery between each one but probably could have done with a bit more. They started fine but after the forth or fifth I could feel the struggle. The reason I say that it 'should have been 10 x 300m' is because the last 2 were so piss poor that I can't count them. I barely felt like I was moving for the last one with heavy feet plodding along every step. The legs must have well and truly been full of lactic acid at that point.

The last session of the week was the Sunday long run. Again I took this on solo (I'm really going to have to find someone to keep me company on these) and was quite happy with it. I've definitely upped the pace I'm doing these at now and the good thing is that although I'm tired immediately afterwards my legs are always fine the next morning. There is always the fear that I am going to fast for them but I think (hope) for the moment I'm pacing them right. The last thing I want to be doing is racing my training and leaving fast times out on the training routes.

This week the plan pretty much involves the same idea as last week although instead of jumping in with a load of people I don't know in Dublin, I'll be attempting the same thing with random people at the track in London tonight!
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