Thursday, June 26, 2008

The physio awaits

A while back I mentioned that my Achilles was acting the prick. While I was back in Dublin I saw my physio twice, he worked on it and made it a hell of a lot better. However last week I took on the speed session at the track. This put a lot of strain on a not yet perfect Achilles and I arrived back at square one.

The blame (I need to find something to blame) is being pointed in the direction of the asics nimbus. The last shop moved me from Kayano's to Nimbus saying it may relieve a slight issue I had with my quad. They reckoned that as I was coming down dead straight in the Kayano that there was room to roll my feet somewhat, easing pressure on the quad. Well guess what? The quad issue is still there, it doesn't concern me in the slightest, but the Achilles really don't like the nimbus. Why I didn't think of this sooner is beyond me. This weekend I'll be returning to the store and picking up a pair of my trusty injury free Kayanos.

Tonight I'm heading to a new physio in London. There are reasons why I really, really, really like my physio. Not just because he solves everything to date in a week or two but because he makes me feel like it's completely normal to have these aches and pains. As he told me before, "you can't expect to push your body as hard as you do and not expect to get niggles all the time". If that didn't happen there'd be no need for his profession!

Well the new guy didn't make me feel at ease at all at all. One phone call and he put the shits into me. The word "rupture" was used at one point. RUPTURE, he hasn't even seen it yet, what are words like that get thrown about willy nilly for?! He also mentioned reducing my training and probably stopping completely. Again he hasn't seen or heard anything of my training and he's already coming to these conclusions. My guy never tells me to stop training. Once or twice he's said to take the day after an appointment off to let my legs recover from the pounding they just received from him but never stop training or reduce the load. The guy on the phone also labelled what was wrong with me. All my physio had said to me was "ah yeah, it's a bit tight in here" and then beat the shit out of me while explaining how the soleus is tight which is pulling on the Achilles and so on. This is good as I have no idea where a soleus is or what it does and really if it's a bit tight I know it can be loosened. What's wrong with labelling it? Google is what's wrong with it people... GOOGLE!

After googling and putting the fear into myself I contacted my physio at home. He mailed me back and just said to change my shoes back to the Kayanos and I'd notice a difference in a week. At the moment I'm quite relaxed about it all again but God knows how I'll be when I see this guy in a few hours for him to put the fear back!
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