Friday, June 6, 2008

Race Report #8 - 3000m (9m 46s)

These races are certainly coming quick and fast now. There's not much to really report on these sub ten minute races, they're over so quick that I barely remember them.

The difference between this race and the last 3000m is that I set out fast and tried to stay with the front runners for as long as possible. That meant that the first lap went off at 1:12/1:13. From then I just had to had to try maintain a constant pace. Unfortunately that constant pace wasn't the same as the first lap but closer to 1:18 a lap.

Pro: Faster than the last 3000m by 4 seconds.
Con: Still a fair whack off where I'd like to be

Pro: I felt stronger and more controlled in this race and believe I could maintain very close to that pace for a 5000m race
Con: No good talking about what I think I can do, I have to do it.
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