Monday, June 30, 2008

Race Report #9 - 5000m (17m 24s)

I'm going to keep this race report short and sweet as I wasn't too happy with anything from beyond the 3rd lap. Considering there were still 9 and a bit laps to go at that stage there isn't a lot I'm happy about!

Annoyingly enough on the morning I could still feel my calf muscles when I walked around as a result of the massage during the week. Not ideal to be racing with legs that already felt tired but so be it, dig in and run is all you can do. The last of my excuses is the wind and sun. Not the nicest of combinations, on the back straight we were running into it and on the home straight we had the sun beating down. Joy.

Conditions have to be put to one side though as everyone else had to deal with them and all. So finishing just under a minute behind guys I should have been finishing with was a kick in the teeth. After the first 3 laps, which were done at a nicely controlled pace, when I should have been closing in on the lads up ahead I found myself dropping off and going further and further back. That continued up until the end of the race when I crossed the lines completely shattered. I tried a one mile warm down afterwards and even that proved to be beyond me!

Rather than making the foolish mistake of having a bad race and then going hell for leather into training straight afterwards to make up for it I went with the sensible approach. I'm giving the legs a break. They're having a two day holiday to get over it it. Obviously I'm a bit tired, be it the massage or just training and life sapping my energy, either way a two day break before starting back into it all should do me no harm at all. Two weeks until race number ten of 2008!
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