Monday, June 2, 2008

Run, run, run... I was running all day long

Sunday's long run was arguably the best 15 mile training run I've ever done. Whenever I go out at a slow pace for the 15 miler it will hurt at the end. You're going to feel the last few miles one way or the other - it's 15 miles and not easy!

Yesterday I was strangely proved wrong.

The pace I set out at was just above an easy tempo, each step was strong through out, each step was purposeful. After 10 miles I felt good, 14 miles and at the end I still felt like I could have gone on for a few miles more. My training program doesn't say to do a few miles more so I headed home.

The odd thing about it was that it was my least organised long run in months. My plans the night before had fallen through I ended up staying in. Staying in sounds like it was the ideal scenario before a long run. I changed the 'idealness' of it by talking myself into opening a bottle of wine and then preceding to finish said bottle before going to my bed in the wee hours of the morning. The odd thing about this is that if I had have gone out with my friends I'd have limited the amount I drank, I probably would have stayed off the booze, and I'd more than likely have headed home early. So what the hell was going through my head to convince me to get drunk in front of a DVD and stay up till all hours?!

Adding to my unpreparedness was the fact that I had no carbogels in the house and with it being a Sunday the chances of getting any was slim. I tried though... but I failed. What I settled for was a Lucozade Sport drink that boasts a caffeine boost. It seemed to work though as my energy levels were great through out the run.

I may have taken away some of the work though yesterday evening as I called my flat mate and arranged to meet him in Kings Cross. I was weak though and instead of going for the soft drink option I took a pint. We were only going to be there for a while so one pint, at most two couldn't hurt. Before we finished the second another friend had popped by that we hadn't seen in an age and the drinking started properly then. My one or two drinks at 5 o'clock saw we arrive home with a Chinese take away and a few more cans of beer at 11.30 last night!
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