Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday Long Run

I'm a bit concerned I'm doing my long runs to fast
Are you doing them at 5.30 pace?
FIVE THIRTY?!? Jesus. No, definitely not
Good, then you're not doing them too fast

According to my coach I'm not to be afraid of going fast. In fairness, I don't think I'm going fast, just faster than I'm used to on my long slow runs.

Up until recently I've just plodded around at an easy pace for the 15 miles or so. Now I'm working that bit harder and coming home that bit more fatigued. Obviously no matter how fast you do the 15 miles you're going to hurt by the end, if it doesn't then there's something wrong! 15 miles will never be easy. The last seven Sundays have all been 15 miles runs as I haven't had any races on weekends of late and I can say one thing, they're not getting easier... I may be getting better at them but they're still pretty damn tough.

Although I do come back tired and for an hour or so afterwards my legs are shagged I do recover from it quick enough. Within the few hours my legs will be fresh again and there's no need to take a day off afterwards. I'm comfortably able to do an 8 or 9 mile easy run the following day.

I suppose the key to the long run is not racing it. That's why you always hear that you should run them one minute slower than your goal race pace. If your legs are overly tired in the days following the long run then it's time to look at the pace you're doing them. Like all training, the more you do the fitter you'll get and the better you'll be able to do them. Thankfully the strength and fitness I've built up in the past six months seems to be allowing me to push myself a little bit harder on the Sunday mornings.
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