Friday, June 20, 2008

There's one born every minute

Sometimes I surprise myself by how much I fall into gimmicks that will make a super duper, uber-fast running machine. Ones that I can think of in recent times include...

  • The Powerbreathe thing. Dumbbells for my lungs, improve performance by stupid percent in weeks... count me in!! I still use this almost daily. Placebo or not I don't care.
  • Some foam roller to self massage my quads. Uhm... this didn't last too long as it didn't seem to do much for me. It now sits in a drawer in a different country to where I am now.
  • Rudy Project sunglasses. I was living in the south of France at the time and needed something for the blasted sun. A totally justified expense! I feel like a bit of a spa wearing them but twice in recent weeks I've had a fly in my eye when not wearing them so they're here to stay for the rest of the summer
  • My Under Armour gear. About 12 months ago I was running about without this stuff and now a year on I've got multiple cold tops, hot weather tops, shorts and all. I don't know where I'd be without them... My nipples still thank me daily for them
  • This is a bad one now.... I read a while back about this Phiten necklace thing that Paula Radcliffe wears. Apparently it's good for preventing injuries, keeps you relaxed, yada yada yada. I know she gets paid for wearing it but I couldn't resist... I didn't get the necklace but I do own a Phiten bracelet!
  • A few weeks back for my dodgy achilles I bought an Active Wrap thing for my ankle. Put the pack in the freezer and then strap it on. No more towels and bags of ice for this guy! It must be better for the environment and all....
They're the ones I can think of... before today's new addition. I was reading Ryan Hall's blog over on flotrack and noticed that there were a few product placements in the middle of it. My first thought was obviously how much is he getting paid for this? The product in there was his new Oakley's that will repel water that he pours on himself when running. I'm not jumping on that, one pair of over priced sun glasses is enough for me. Then he mentioned the drink he drinks when racing. Again I thought, product placement, before the other thought of If it's good enough for Ryan Hall, it's good enough for me!

To Google with me and in goes 'Cytomax'. Two days later and my giant 2 kilo container of the stuff has arrived. That's right, I didn't even decide to try a smaller quantity of it, nope I got me a summer's supply of the stuff!

If it does half the stuff it says on the box I'm not surprised Ryan is running 2:06 marathons. Lowers lactic acid during and after trainging by 40%, stabilizes power output, reduces perceived excertion, reduces oxygen consumption (it's a drink for crying out loud, how does it do this?!), increases recuperation. There you have it, I bought myself magic powder. Training should be piss easy from here on in!!
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