Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Into the breeze, I'm running

Wahey! We have a week of summerish weather in London... hopefully by the end of it my white shaven dome will have a closer colour to the rest of my head.

Even better than this sun lark is the fact that today the wind is minimal. Finally I'll be doing a track session without a pesky wind against me on one of the straights. At stages on both of last weeks track sessions I felt as if I was barely moving thanks to the force of the breeze pushing me back. I'll be hitting the track, equipped with an attitude, this evening to take on my last 10 x 400m session for a few weeks. Like last week I'll be doing them by myself so it's going to get tough from about the sixth one on... even more so if I'm going faster than last week because of the lack of wind!
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