Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Je voudrais un croissant

The weekend's race performance is being left there. Excuses and everything are also being left there. It's a new week, new aims, new training, new shoes....

On the aims front I've set two races for this month. First off I'm going to tackle another 5000m in a two weeks and hopefully put in a performance I'm happy with on the track. The last weekend of the month will see a 10km where I'm hoping we'll see a positive result after the two months of speed work on the track.

For the next few weeks the training plan is also being modified. Good bye the speed endurance work on the track... no more 1200s, 1000s or 800s. Hello just speed... welcome 400s and lots of them. That's right it's reps of 400m twice weekly for the next few weeks to try get a bit of a kick into the legs. This started last night with 10 x 400m at about 72 secs with a decent breeze into my face in final 100. Hopefully over the next few weeks the reps will be up and the time will be down. The rest of the training stays as is - long run Sundays, easy runs most other days of the week.

After advice from my physio that my Achilles problem is more than likely linked to my shoes I've jumped back into my old style. There was also a suggestion from the physio I saw here last week that my casual shoes aren't doing me any favours either. Because of this I've now been wearing my training shoes when training and while plodding around in my own time this week. I'll have to wear the casual shoes at the weekend, otherwise I'll look like a right eejit down the pub. I have to say that I've noticed a huge improvement in the Achilles in the past few days. No longer is it sore in the morning, slightly stiff but alright. No pain at the beginning of the run, again slightly stiff but alright. And I can comfortably go up and down a stairs again. Although when I do under step going down and hit my heel off the step that I should be going past it does still send a sharp pain as the Achilles is obviously getting stretched and not gradually either. Surprisingly this hitting my heel on the stairs when I'm walking down it happens more than you'd think. I'd have thought that after 26 years of navigating steps I'd be more accomplished at it but evidently not.

Right so, I'm off to France this weekend to catch up with people. Thankfully my friend has agreed to my plan of hitting the track before the pub on Friday night so training shouldn't be too affected this time. It will be a bit but hopefully not a lot.
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