Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just one more

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to hear the inner monologue that goes through my head when I'm running played back to me. At one stage last night it turned into a debate when I was struggling through my eighth rep. I tried to convince myself to keep pushing it and it'd be the last one. All the while I could hear myself also retorting with "You know you're going to do another afterwards".

Last nights session wasn't as good as the week before in terms of times but in some respects I'm happier with it. The times were coming in at around 69/70 seconds per 400m with a decent recovery. By the seventh however I was absolutely shattered and hence got to the above scenario during the eighth - Call it quits on eight instead of trying to push out ten. When I finished the eighth I decided that I may as well go once more, even though it was more than likely going to be a slow one, at least that way I'd know I pushed it as much as I possibly could. The ninth started and was absolute hell, it properly hurt for the final 200m. As I glanced at the watch afterwards I was shocked, I barely felt like I was moving between 200 and 300 yet somehow, somehow I did another 69 second lap. After that I decided I may as well push out the tenth because I managed 69 seconds when hurting I may as well try ten, even if it turned out to be a slow one... The tenth hurt as much and was 70 seconds if I remember correctly. At that point there was no thoughts of "maybe 11", no chance. I moved onto the grass and lay out for a few minutes until my heart settled down a bit before gathering my stuff and jogging home.
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