Thursday, July 31, 2008

London's gone...

Training's taken a back seat for the most part this week as I've been packing stuff, shipping stuff and moving home from London. That and the poor race performance at the weekend which left me somewhat subdued have made it easy not to put my runners on for a few days. More than likely it's exactly what I needed and should clear my head somewhat.

This morning I got out for an 8 mile jog in the pissings of rain and felt completely fresh again. The race is now definitely out of my legs so I can start focusing on what's coming up next. I may have to put that focus on hold somewhat as I'm not totally sure what is next... but I'll find out in the coming weeks when I hear more on races in my area.

The athletics structure in the UK is definitely something I'm going to miss now that I've left. I arrived to London having never raced on anything other than a road... I left ten months later having taken part in Cross Country and Track and Field leagues as well as the odd road race. If you ever wanted to find a race of a certain distance on a given week you'd more than likely be able to find it. A 10km race in 2 weeks? No bother, there'll be one in some park near by. It's bizarre to think that I thought going to London would have an adverse affect on my running and then it turned out to be the complete opposite. Besides the fact I haven't been racing well of late I know I've come back a stronger runner for all the work I've put in since January.

Part of me thinks I'll head back that way in the new year. Find a new place, in a new area, new job and a new club (I could stay with the same one). But at the moment various unexpected changes have seen me arrive back in Dublin, and for how long I don't know. After 5 years living away it hasn't really sunk in yet that this is day one of Private living in Dublin... this time I'm not on holiday!
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