Friday, July 11, 2008

Pre-race day

The past 3 weeks have seen me miss training days due to going away on holidays or people taking holidays and coming to me. This week it was the turn of the brother and his girlfriend coming to London for a few days that had me a) drinking and b) missing training. In fairness to them the missing the day of training was more to do with the fact that it pissed rain all day when we were traipsing around London. So much so that on the tube back home I knew there wasn't a hope of me changing out of wet clothes to put on shorts and head out in the rain again. A trip to the pub seemed like a better option. London is still a few months behind on the seasons... we had snow in the middle of April and now torrential rain without a hint of sun in July! Roll on the October heat wave!

When I did train this week it was quite successful. My coach has me instructed to not bother hitting the track if its really windy outside. The logic being you can't run fast if you're running into a wind. It makes sense really, so when I looked out and saw the trees shaking on Tuesday I knew the spikes were going to be left at home. The session that took its place was the good old 8 mile fartlek with 14 x 1 minute bursts. I felt quite good throughout and shocked myself a bit at how fast I seemed to be going (there was a lot of wind so that kind of played a large part in the speed).

Wednesday then was the washout day that I couldn't face going out on and as I'm racing tomorrow (another 5,000m) Thursday and Friday's sessions have been scaled back. On Thursday the session was simply 4 miles with bursts of 150m every now and again and today I'm heading out for a 4 mile run at an easy pace.

I don't know how I feel about this race tomorrow to be honest. The one two weeks ago wasn't the greatest by any stretch of the imagination but that's behind me now and I'm fully focused on tomorrow's track meet. The legs are in decent shape, the Achilles is nearly back to normal so there'll be no excuses for a poor performance tomorrow. The works been put in over the past few months so I've got to get it out of the legs, really it's time to deliver!
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