Monday, July 14, 2008

Race Report #10 - 5000m (17m 13s)

Race number ten of 2008! There's certainly plenty of them this year. Last year I think I raced in about 13 races overall, so 10 races by the second weekend in July is fairly good going. Last year the shortest distance I covered was in or around the 7km mark whereas this year I've had plenty of track races at 5,000m and 3,000m so recovery time has been a lot shorter.

I'm content with this last showing. Nothing more really. I don't know what it is about this year but every time I've been on the track there's been a strong wind and this time was no different. I did however manage to run faster than the last outing and run at the pace I covered my last 5km on the road in. Why I'm struggling to get a faster pace or maintain a pace on the track like on the road is a source of bewilderment to me. Maybe I'm starting too conservatively. No matter what pace you do a 5k in it's going to hurt eventually so maybe this even pace I'm trying to run just isn't working for me. I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough. This is only my fifth race on the track after all.

My coach has told me before it's all about rhythm on the track and this was the first time I felt a rhythm to my running. My first 7 laps were fairly comfortable but the final 5 were a struggle. The last person I overtook was at lap 6. I could feel myself reeling him in for a few laps and when I past him I made sure there was no way he would hang on to me for even a hundred metres. Thereafter however there was no one in front of me that I was realistically going to catch so I had to run the final few laps with only my will power for company and seeing how I struggled over the remaining few laps I think my will power buggered off and all.

For now I can stop thinking track races, for a few weeks anyway. The next race I'm aiming for is a 10km back on the good old roads in a few weeks time. Hills are allegedly on the cards for it but we'll worry about all that on the day. Now it's back to two weeks of solid training before that.
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