Monday, July 28, 2008

Race Report #11 - 10km on a scorcher! (36m 40s)

Bah! Trust my luck, I moan repeatedly about too much wind and then I get a day with no wind but it's roasting hot - in the high 20s. What were the odds after a summer of crap weather?

I'm fed up now saying "I could have got x if there was no wind, if there was no sun, if the race was downhill....". The fact is I didn't get a time anywhere near what I expected. The last 10km race was back around March I think and I ran a comfortable 35.30 or so. This time or around I naturally expected an improvement on that, not a run over a minute slower! Granted I finished in the top 5, but if I'd finished any lower I'd be fierce angry with myself as there was no one anywhere close to me at the end... which leads me to wonder why the steward at the finish line was asked me to move along up the line quicker... the next person to finish wouldn't have even been in sight so why try to move this guy along faster?!

Like so many races before it that race is being forgotten about and I'm moving on. I haven't got anything pencilled in for next up, but it won't be for at least two weeks. The legs are getting a bit of time to recover over the next few days. I'll head out later for a gentle 4 miles and then probably a bit longer tomorrow. The next speed work session won't take place until Friday so this week is going to feel quite cushie, which is nice considering I'm in the middle of my big move home at the moment.
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