Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Strong, Silent Type

At the moment I'm reading Elmore Leonard's Hombre. It's my third Leonard book in recent months and I can't get enough of them. As I was finishing my chapter with this morning's coffee a sentence jumped out at me, that sums up the way I'm feeling about races that haven't gone the way I'd hoped over recent months.
He was not the kind of man who would stew over something finished and past fixing

The last two races are behind me and there's nothing I can do about them now. I'll use them as experiences to get stronger for the remainder of the season but really analysing them... what's the point? I can't change anything and I don't know if I did would anything better have resulted from them. They're behind me now, I just have to move on.

With that moving on I hit the track last night for a session of 10 x 400m with 90 seconds rest. I was hoping to find a group at the track that were doing the same session but no such luck. Everyone was doing longer stuff or pyramid sessions. I did manage to jump in with a crowd for my last 400 however and let them drag me around instead of doing all the work myself like in the previous 9.

The shocking thing about last night was that I finally did the 400s in the time that my coach had been saying I would eventually get. Each one was either 68 or 69 seconds. I felt like death afterwards mind but then I felt like death last year when I was doing the same session with the times in or around 74 seconds. My coach now reckons 65 seconds isn't far off but for the moment I'm just delighted to have got down to under 70 seconds for 10 reps. What I now know is that I need to find people doing the same session as me for the 400s. The last one, where I was doing it with 5 other lads, was by far and away more comfortable than the preceding three on my todd.

After a tough session like last night the next two evenings involve easy runs. All I have to do is tip around putting miles on the legs. Friday though sees me return to the track where I have to stick on the spikes and do some 300s... strong. Start strong and carry it on around the track. This time however I won't be running against a clock as I've been instructed to leave the watch at home. I'll know when I'm running strong so the watch doesn't matter and for the recovery I've been told to wait until I feel ready to go again. Likewise I should know when I'm ready for another one... not taking the piss with the length of time I wait obviously. That'll be followed by a day off Saturday and I plan on completely and utterly chilling out.
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