Sunday, August 17, 2008

Irish in action... and me!

Needless to say the alarm clock was switched off this morning the moment it went off and I rolled over and went back to sleep. The intentions were good but who was I kidding? 7 o'clock was never going to happen. I could have reset it for 8 o'clock at the least but that sort of thinking was not going through my sleep deprived head. The idea was to get up early and have my training out of the way before the first of the Irish athletes took part on the track at midday my time. In the end I didn't get up in time so there had to be a rejig of my plans to fit everything in.

Unfortunately the Irish girls didn't perform today. Derval O'Rourke, silver medalist in the last European Championships, didn't get out of her heat, running half a second slower than her PB and even a lot slower than her SB. The disappointing thing is that she wouldn't have even had to have run a season's best to have qualified for the semis as a fastest loser. Likewise Michelle Carey had a bad 400m hurdles. If she ran anywhere close to her PB that she set 3 weeks ago she'd have made it out of her heats, but like Derval it just didn't happen. Most surprisingly was Roisin McGettigan's race in the 3000m Steeplechase final. It seems that the race went off too fast for her and she tried to go with the pace and suffered from about 1000m in. I'd thought that if the race went out slower she'd have smashed her Irish record that she's been comfortably running around in recent weeks. Not today however.

Onto my training. I eventually got out for my 15 mile long run. The watch got left at home today so I've no idea what sort of time I was running. For the early part of it it felt comfortably strong. A gear or two above an easy pace. I surprisingly struggled with a stitch at around 8 miles. This could be down to the fact that I mixed the gels and water for the first time this week so it was something different on the run. I know that I said that I was finding these long runs to be getting easy as I'm doing them week in week out, but what's really surprising me is that I can go out at a pace faster than my easy runs during the week. Maybe the day off I give myself is paying dividends towards for this run. It is the run that all the training during the week builds up to so it makes sense that it should be the run I'm happiest with. But how come I can go out so much faster than I can on say a Thursday evening when I haven't done a tough session since Tuesday evening?

Straight after my stretching I'd a look out the window and it was the rain was belting down. The heavens must have opened the minute I got in the door. Thank God for that as I really wouldn't have been in the mood for running in that today. There'll be enough of next week!
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