Thursday, August 21, 2008

Race Night

What should be the last track race of the year takes place for me tonight. Yet another 5,000m and I think it's about time I get a decent result from it. I know I'm capable of going under 17 minutes so tonight I'll hopefully produce it.

Training this week in preparation for the race involved 8 x 400m on Tuesday and then a 4 mile jog yesterday evening. The 400s went out a bit faster than I hoped. Ideally I'd have got them done in 70 seconds each. The first one was a bit of a shock, OK a lot of a shock. The watch read 1:05 as I crossed the line. It'd been an age since I done 400s... but sixty five seconds?! I've never run sixty-five before. I'm guessing the fact that I was wearing my spikes to get used to them again before the race played a part in such a fast lap. After that I had to make sure that I was going out slower as I didn't want to burn myself out completely with a race coming up. I was aiming to do 10 reps but as the next 7 were all 68/69 with a 90 second rest on a blustery night I decided to call it quits early.

The legs were fairly tired on Wednesday for the jog and even though they don't feel 100% at the moment I'm confident enough that I'll be in decent shape for tonight. I really don't think I'll be too sad saying goodbye to track racing for another year tonight.
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