Friday, August 22, 2008

Race Report #12 - 5000m (17m 02s)

And so ends the last track race of the year, which happened to be the first race in Ireland this year.

Looking back at the race I'm content with some aspects and as usual disappointed with others. The pluses first. It was the fastest 5000m I've raced this year, I finally found the rhythm on the track, from start to finish I felt smooth and controlled, my breathing wasn't too heavy, I was strong throughout and finished for the first time with a decent burst. This is in contrast to every other 5000m race this year where from 6 or 7 laps out I'd be dying and trying my hardest to get finish. Running faster than these attempts and easier is obviously a huge plus.

That's where the disappointment comes in. My coach had told me to give it my all and to be shattered at the end. I was tired at the end which is natural enough but definitely not shattered. I have that niggling feeling that I didn't go faster as I didn't want to be crawling towards the line, I was enjoying being controlled in my running. The final disappointment is that it all seems to have come together in the last track race of the year. I have another 8 months or so before I'll be racing on the track again.

Oh yeah, my time. The aim was sub 17 minutes... I just missed it with 17 minutes and 2 seconds. Also at the start of the track and field season my aim was a lot lower than 17 minutes, I'd have been aiming to be running close to 16 minutes by the end of the season, so it looks like there's a lot of work ahead.
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