Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tonight will hurt

My legs have been screaming at me to visit my physio, to have him pound them for a while and tonight I'm giving in. I'm not looking forward to it as the last time I was there was in the middle of my runners low and it really, really hurt. Hurt so much that I questioned why I put myself through it. That was near on four weeks back now and since then my low is back to a high, while my legs have taken a pounding in the park. Moving from the completely flat Victoria Park to the slightly hilly Phoenix Park and doing the same mileage is beginning to show.

After a speed session on Tuesday which comprised of 6 x 800m on the track I just had two easy runs the last two days. They were however not easy... Yesterday was tough, while today was an out and out struggle.

Besides the change of route that I've undertaken lately I think hydration and fatigue is playing a part. The alcohol binge last weekend couldn't have done my hydration levels any favours. Not forgetting the fact that it threw my sleeping totally out of synch. Waking up at 12.30pm just because someone is calling is not ideal. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to drink more water today as I think I've let that slide of late. I used to have bigger bottles of water on the go in London so I reckon that could be the way forward again. At least that way I'll have a better idea of how much water I'm drinking as I lose track of how many times I refill these small bottles every day.

Oh yeah. I also finished my magic powder which allegedly makes training easier. Maybe it does and maybe that's why this week has been so hard!
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