Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ups and downs

For the last week and a bit I've been struggling to get a routine going having just moved back to Dublin. I think from today, well more tomorrow, the routine will be in place...

The end of last week didn't go so well for me but I'm back in full swing now thanks to an alcohol fueled weekend that was well and truly needed to lift my spirits. Last week started badly as I'd had a conversation with my coach where it was decided there'd be no marathon in 2008. The summer goals were to reduce my 5k and 10k times before moving onto marathon training. Now coming into August when marathon training should commence I'm no closer to lowering the 10k or 5k times. Rather than switch focus and give in on Plan A and go to Plan Z we're sticking with lowering the times. The next 10k that I'm focusing on is at the start of September and even if I get that it'll be too late to look at an October marathon. Instead we'll be working on Cross Country after that and looking at a spring marathon.

Even though it all makes sense it did leave me a little deflated before I headed back home to the following few days.

- greeted to Dublin by rain and 16C (low)
- physio beating the crap out of my legs which at one point made me think for the first time why do I bother (low)
- too windy and wet to face a 7 mile cycle to the nearest track for training so I did a 12 x 1 minute session in the park and slogged through it completely (low)
- rained every single day since I've been back (low)
- dinner at a friends house before going into town and dancing into the wee hours - ridiculous amounts of alcohol was had (high)
- down to the sunny south east for family fun, again with copious amounts of wine and brandy with dinner (high)
- taking on a 15 mile, hilly route for my long run which I somehow covered comfortably the morning after the night before (high)
- fearing for my life at every blind corner on that 15 mile run as these were country roads with no footpaths (low)
- moving into my own place (high)
- hopefully the brother will move into the place with me which will save me having to find a randomer to live with (fingers crossed high)
- first training session in the park by the new flat. 9 mile handy (high)
- nailing the 800s at the track on Tuesday. Very consistent running (high)

As much as I hated the physio appointment it clearly did me the world of good as the legs have been working nicely since Sunday. By all accounts I'm back on form and hopefully the next few weeks will follow the same pattern as now.
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