Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Getting ready to race

Caution is being thrown to the wind
That's one of many things that is going to be flowing through my head at the start of the 10km race on Saturday morning.

In the last post I mentioned that August turned into a high mileage month... for me anyway. With that in mind there's a mini taper going on this week. Usually on a Monday I'd do in or around 9 miles easy running. That's been knocked down by 2 miles to 7. The same will happen today. Thursday will be a gentle 5 miles and Friday 3 miles with a few strides in place. Last night I should have hit the track and got around 10 x 400m reps in but as it was raining at 5 o'clock I knew the traffic would be a nightmare so I decided against sitting on a bus for a few hours. Also running on the track when it's windy and raining is never ideal as you don't get to run fast. Instead I did a fartlek session in the park beside me. Over the past few weeks I've built this fartlek session up on a Friday from 14 x 1 minute hard with 90s jog in between reps to 16 x 1 minute. Yesterday with the mini taper going on I did 12 reps and headed home.

Come Saturday I should be ready to run fast. There really can be no excuses. Training has been good over the past few weeks and the 'comfortable' 5000m race a few weeks back indicates that the 10km PB should be beaten. As I said, caution is going to be thrown to the wind (hopefully it won't be too windy!). The plan is to start fast and go with it. If I start to feel comfortable again like in the 5000m race I have to push on. It's not going to be possible to run fast and not hurt at the same time. I'm going to have to leave the comfort zone behind. These days I'm running 15 miles hard on a Sunday, so 6 miles fast should come to me when I need it.
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