Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Glad to be back

If there's one thing that a week off training thought me it's that I can't cope with the life of no training. The week flew by and not once did I contemplate pulling on the runners and heading out the door. The issue with the not training was the amount of alcohol drank. I tend to drink these days but hold back somewhat as I'll be training the next day or I won't have started drinking until late because I'd been out training. This has made getting very, very drunk near on impossible. But Friday night there was no training to keep me busy after work, no training on Saturday to hold back for, so I just got drunk with the rest of them. Essentially my weekend was gone as I was in bed until all hours there after, wishing I was in bed the rest of the hours, before doing it all over again. Ugh... I'm feeling tired just thinking about it. I used to be able to mix both training and drinking quite well. Now it's a no go and I'm even struggling to do drinking* on it's own. I've become everything I've always feared running would make me... a light weight!

Training started back last night. A lap of the park that'd have been in or around 7/8 miles. I wasn't overly comfortable because since the last time I ran I've managed to get a cold and get rid of the cold. I'm feeling healthy now, just a bit bunged up so my breathing was a bit askew. The aim of this week is just to ease myself back into the routine so I'm not too concerned how the sessions go. This week I should be giving it 68% before next week giving it 98% in preparation for the next race in 3 weeks time. Tonight I'll be doing something in the line of 6 x 1000m and then later in the week I'll be back to the track to do some of the reliable 400s. I'm not going to kill myself on either of the sessions, the idea is to get through them strong and not fast. Next week is when I'll be converting them 400s into a faster pace.

The race I've decided on going for next is the Rathfarnham 5km road race on the 5th October. For this race the course is fast and the field is generally strong. 2 years ago the top 30 all finished in under 16 minutes and 50 faster than my PB. If there's a course to break the 5km PB time it's this one. I have to get used to running fast and hurting while doing so. With so many people running them kinds of times in the field it should be no bother finding someone to tuck in behind and dig in for dear life.

*I have to clarify by drinking I don't mean a few casual drinks. I'm classing it as out as a solid session that ends up with you dancing about the place like a mad eejit.
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