Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kiss my face!

Ten, not eight this time, but the full ten. All 1:10 and under with a 1:15 recovery. Wahey! The legs were fairly tired afterwards but I knew after the fifth 400 that'd I'd be able to push all ten out. Looking back at the training calendar it appears I haven't had as good a session of 400s on the track since the end of July, when I was still in London. Back in May, when I started back on the track, I used to be doing 400m reps most Fridays. The times then were 1:12/1:13 per 400m with a 1:15 recovery. I was doing about eight or nine reps then, so it's nice to see a bit of progress there.

I'll get back out to that track on Friday evening now for some more. Hopefully I'll be able to push out one or two more than ten, but I'm not going to push myself too hard. Finding the balance of pushing yourself hard for a tough session and not leaving it all out there is a tough act. Especially when you're training by yourself. At this stage I haven't quite figured it out... I'm sure I will soon though.

There was nothing like last Fridays debacle getting out to the track. I learnt my lesson, I went straight to Belfield this time. What I wasn't prepared for was what was going on on the track during my warm up. The UCD athletics team were obviously initiating their new members. As I was jogging around the outside lane I could see crates of beer at the 200m mark and loads of people standing around on the track getting ready to partake in whatever was going on and getting ready to laugh at what was unfolding. At this stage it looked like my session was going to have to change to something else rather than 400s. Probably 14 x 1 minute with a minute off. Around 10 minutes into my warm up their 'race' started. One mile on the track, but they had to down a beer before starting and at the end of every lap before they could start running again. Brilliant stuff! Why didn't I join the athletics team in college? Thankfully by the time I warmed up, put on the racing shoes, did some strides, they had more are less cleared away. Those that remained were drinking on the infield so didn't get in my way at all. Some smell of beer at the 200m point, but I can put up with that.

Talking of watching people run. The Dublin half marathon was on Saturday last. As I wasn't taking part I decided to pop by and have a look as it takes part in the park by my flat. What a glorious day for running. Although the minute the sun comes out runners tend to say it's too hot... I know I have before! I wouldn't have classed it as hot myself but then I wasn't running in it. I'd never watched a mass participation event before. It's quite surreal isn't it? You can see about a mile down the road and there's just wave after wave of people coming at you. The funniest thing I found was that as I was standing about clapping, mesmerised by all the people jogging by, someone shouted out "Alright Private". Puzzled I took a quick look around and off went one of the lads I trained with when I first arrived back. Surely it was me that was meant to be shouting encouragement at the runners and not the other way around. I also saw the two lads who finished behind me in the last 10km race. Both of them ran nice times of 1h 16m which gives me great hope for smashing my half marathon time the next time I take part in a half, when ever that may be.
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