Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On August

The way the weekends fell in August, and the fact that I only had one race, which was a midweek one, and a short one at that, my mileage for the month was well up on previous months. 5 weekends meant 5 long runs. That's a lot of long running for one month. So far this year there's usually been two races a month and if there was only one it would fall on a Saturday, therefore meaning there'd only be a recovery run on the Sunday. So even with missing a few days training this month I still ended up with my highest mileage of the year to date, higher even than during cross country season...

My search for a club and people to train with since returning back to Dublin hasn't been the most successful. I have been down the track once a week training with a club there but I don't see myself carrying on with them over the winter months. Unless something happens over the next few weeks and there appears to be some form of organisation going on with the training then I think I'll have to look elsewhere. Having talked to a few of the lads there doesn't seem to be any organisation though. Lads just discuss amongst themselves different sessions that are taking place minutes before they start. I've been in touch with a few other clubs so over the next few weeks I'll give each of them a shot.

I mentioned recently that with my move home came a move to a more hillier training route. While that is all good and will make me somewhat stronger it won't necessarily make me faster. You can't get fast by training slowly and training on hills is not going to be fast. So the other thing I'm on the lookout for so is a new training route, one that is flat. Ideally I'd keep the Phoenix Park route for my long run and have a flat route for my easy run the following day. All I really need is one 8 mile route from my apartment. Four miles out and four back shouldn't be too hard to find. It wouldn't do any harm to have a deviation of some form in my training in any case.

All in all I'm content with the first month back. The rain of August (seriously it was insane) has left us and replaced by two days of sun in September. Once I have my club sorted the routine will all fall into place nicely.
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