Friday, September 5, 2008

Race Day Routine

Thank god this race tomorrow is laps. I'm generally not a fan of them but with the weather that's going on out the window at the moment it could be for the best. According to the BBC the winds are apparently over 20mph and expected to reach 31mph today. Much of the same is expected tomorrow. With laps though I'll have the wind at my back for some of the race either way (obviously that means it'll be in my face some of the time as well). It should be quite wet and all which isn't the most fun for racing but sure it won't be the first time and certainly not the last time. The 5 mile race that I got my PB in this year was ridiculously windy, raining and snowing, around 2 laps... I ran strong then so I'll just run strong tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I'll get up early enough, go out for a quick 2 mile jog to wake the body up somewhat. When I get home I'll have breakfast and veg in front of the TV for a while. The race should then be around 3 hours after this.

Thankfully the race isn't too far from my parents place so I'm going to stay there tonight to prevent myself having to have a long commute to the race HQ. My warmup there will be around 2.5 miles, maybe a lap of the course to get myself familiar with it, before stretching and getting ready for the start. Just before the start I'll do a few 30 metre bursts to get the legs ready for what could well be a fast start.

There you have it, that's what I have planned from the start of my morning (about 7am) on race day until race time. Hopefully then I'll be finished by 11.05am and all that will be left for me to do is worry about what to do with the rest of my weekend in a rain soaked Dublin! Maybe I'll hit the bathroom shop and get stuff for my bathroom... a month sans mirror is long enough
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