Friday, October 24, 2008

Easing Up

The last conversation with my coach involved him telling me that for the next 3 or 4 weeks my miles would be cut down. I argued, said I'd only recently had a week off, I felt good, there was no need for a reduction. I was told to forget about the week off, it did me no harm I lost no fitness, this is just to wind down the legs before starting all over again. He had said no more than 5 miles a day Monday to Friday, now that's 6. I scoffed at this being too easy. He pointed out that after this time I will increase my work load to a tougher schedule than I did over the past year, I'm now a tougher runner and should be able to deal with it. He even suggested that after these few weeks of low mileage I'd come back fitter than I am now. I laughed at this... doing less and getting fitter?? Riiiight!

And today I was proved wrong... Yes, my coach knows more than me.

What happened today? 5 mile tempo is what happened! I'm not used to tempo training. 1 minute, 2 minute fartleks, 400s, 800s, 1500s... no problem. 5 mile tempo? Hurts like hell. And it's a regular part of my training for the next few weeks. According to my coach, it's what Jerry Kiernan based his training on - 8 mile tempo runs. Except he was doing them at about 4m 40s mile pace. So three miles more and a fair whack faster. This was meant to motivate me to do them? It bloody worked. At 3 miles when breathing out my ass I was thinking how Jerry Kiernan could do 8 and he probably hurt like I was hurting right then and he wouldn't have quit. I was not quitting. I didn't, possibly slowed, but I pushed on.

For the next few weeks Friday is tempo day. Tuesday, I can do the 6 miles as I choose. 6 x 1 miles, 2 x 3 miles, anything I please. Every other week day shall be 6 miles. Sunday's I still do 15 miles, just less driven than over the past 6 months. Could I finish these 3 weeks fitter than I am now? Damn straight I can.

Moral of today. I will forever trust the judgement of my coach!
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