Saturday, October 25, 2008

On Jealousy

With this weekend marking my 5 year anniversary I had great plans of a post all about it, but I really can't be arsed with that post. 5 years since what? Since I lost my marathon virginity, found out that running was in my bones, joined the famous club, since I ran the 2003 Dublin City Marathon.

Personally, I hate the talk of "go slow and enjoy your first marathon, if you don't enjoy it you won't be back for more". What a load of toss! As far as I'm concerned running is either in you or it's not. If you hated every minute of the marathon and swear never to run again then you're not a runner, that simple. If you blew up on that first marathon and afterwards swear to come back and do it better and not blow up next time, then you're a runner. You don't catch the bug, it's already in you. You've just found the joy that marathon running brings. People always ask you why you run? There's no answer to this. Running is boring and anyone who says otherwise is lying. The thing is though it just feels right. I don't do it to be held in high regard by others, because I feel like I've done something other people don't or because it makes me feel tough. I do it because it feels like the thing I should be doing.

Since my first Dublin marathon I've only missed one, the following year through injury. Four Dublin marathons under my belt and I really wish I was out there adding my fifth this weekend. This is also the first year since the first marathon that I've lived in Dublin, and everything about this week says marathon. Missing the other marathon while living in a different country, in a town that had a marathon that about 200 people participated in, wasn't a big deal. This year, it's tough. The road signs going up, the expo, and the park suddenly getting quieter... with those that are in the park just tipping around. Reading the supplement in the paper today actually got me nervous and I'm not even running the damn thing.

I've a holiday booked for next week... how I wish I'd booked it for last week and missed the build up. Best of look to everyone running in it, bloggers and non-bloggers alike. I'm so jealous I've surprised myself. Next year is the 30th anniversary of the marathon and, touch wood, will be my 5th time running the 26.2 miles of Dublin.
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