Friday, October 3, 2008

Here we go again....

What is this? My 14th race of the year? I think that's a record. I can't remember off hand how many I did last year (that was definitely the most), but I think it was under fourteen. There should well be a few more in the last 3 months of 2008. But will I run further than 10k this year?

The mini taper has been going quite well. Mini is the word though, as up until today I've only taken a mile a day off my usual training program. On Tuesday I did run on the road rather than the track. It was far too miserable a night to be bothering busing around Dublin to be blown away on a track. The park had to do instead. Tonight however I only have to do 3 miles. Wahey! Then it's nothing until the 7am on Sunday morning.

I'm going with the same race day routine as the last race. I'll be up at 7 o'clock, go for a quick 2 mile jog before breakfast to wake the body up. Then it'll be flake on the couch until race time. The race kicks off at 11am and yet again is right beside the parent's house. I'll crash there on Saturday to make things all the more convenient. The warm up will be around 2.5 miles, hopefully finishing 10 minutes before the race starts. A quick change of shoes and then a couple of strides to get me up to race pace and we're off.

This 5km is going to be fast, very fast. I'm not talking about me here mind, I'm talking about the rest of the field. I'll be lucky to push a top 30 spot. Last year the top 30 all finished under 16 minutes. My goal is as close to 16 minutes as my legs will let me. That means I'm going to have to start fast, which means the warm up will have to be good. I have to be ready to race from the off. The first mile should see me through in close to 5 minutes, hopefully the second one will be about the same. From there on in it'll be trying to put the effort in to run fast with the body under pressure, something I've been lacking from past races. When I cross that line I want to know that I couldn't go another mile. The last race I finished strong and the more I think about it, the more I know that I could have gone on.

My goal time is a tad on the optimistic side. I've never run a 5k faster than 17 minutes, although there was a 6.6km race last year which would indicate that I went through the 5km mark in 16.40 or faster. The Mcmillan calculator, which we all know and love, says that based on my last 10k I can run a 5k in 16.30. I was thinking about it yesterday and there's not going to be many more races where I smash PBs like a few weeks back when I took 1.15 off my 10km time. This could well be the last chance I have to take a big chunk from a 5k. If I hit 16 minutes then more than likely, from here on in, I'll only take small bites from it. That's an incentive for me to go out an take as much as I can off it in this race. Here's hoping I don't finish the race at 11:17:03 on Sunday now!
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