Friday, October 17, 2008

Last road race of the year?

Tomorrow afternoon I head off to London to gather the last of my belongings that are taking up space in two friend's apartments. They'll be glad to see me get rid of it I'm sure. The Frenchies, who have a lot more of my stuff, will be wondering if I'll ever take it home. Uhm... maybe next visit.

While I'm there I'm taking in what should be my last race of the year/for a while at least. There could well be one cross country before the end of the year and I suppose if I start to get bored in the next few weeks throwing a race into the mix could be an option. Going into this I'm treating it as my last race this year so as to give it my all. It's a 10k in Wimbledon bright and early on Sunday morning. Too early if truth be told (9.30am). Luckily for me it's close(ish) to one of my friend's apartments so I'll crash there on Saturday night. If I was luckier my friend who lives in Wimbledon would be about, but no, he's off in Amsterdam this weekend marathoning.

The pre-race routine is going to be tough as the race is so early and there's a bit of a commute as well. There'll be no waking early to get a few miles jog in to wake the body. It'll be wake, eat and head off to the race. I'll have to get a good warm-up in to be sure that my legs are good and awake. A 20 minute jog, some stretching, change into race gear, some strides and relax for the final 5 minutes before the gun should do it.

My race tactics will be fairly simple. Start off comfortably for the first kilometre, and then upping the pace after each kilometre. By the half way point I should be digging in completely. The early pace will depend on the standard of those around me. My biggest fear pre-race is always the starting pace. You don't want to start too slow and just tip around, and then you don't want to go off too fast and die over the final half. Generally when you race a few races in an area you get to know those around you and who'll be the best person to attach yourself to. This weekend I'll recognise no one so I'll be trusting myself from the off. If I get the pace right at the start I know my strength will carry me through to the end alright.

Before I sign off I'd just like to say best of luck to Nick and Grellan who are both taking on the Amsterdam marathon this weekend. It's meant to be a lovely fast course so two PBs are definitely there for the taking
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