Thursday, October 9, 2008

One more and we're done

The time to switch focus is coming soon. The swap from road to muddy fields is just around the corner.... or just over the hill. Why I'm looking forward to getting back into cross country I have no idea, considering last year when I was doing it I couldn't wait to get out on the roads. I think I wanted to get back on the roads last year because no matter how hard you're running ankle deep in mud you're never going fast, you're just slugging it out, and in the back of your head you're left thinking about how fast the equivalent effort on the road would be. At the end of the day the cross country season is more about training for me than anything else. By the time February comes around again I should be left confident in my running strength.

But before I get into all that there's one more road race to come. I suppose it'll be the last race of the year. I won't be racing in November; December is cross country; so unless I throw in a road race for good measure around Christmas this next one is the last of 2008. The race is on next Sunday. No rest really, I'd prefer if it was the week after to allow me to prepare better. This week has been winding up after Sunday, no speed session until tomorrow. Next week will then be winding down for the race, no speed session after Tuesday. I don't really seem to have a chance to focus on the race or feel like I've done much race specific training but that's when it is, I've got to go with it.

I checked around the various Irish calendars and there didn't seem to be anything going on here over the next few weeks on the roads. There is some marathon or other in 3 weeks, but I think I'll give that a miss!! As I have the last of my things to pick up in London I decided I could kill two birds with one plane - find a race and pick up stuff. I had a choice of 3 races over there, a 5km, a 10km or a 10 mile. I've gone with the 10km race. The last one went well so why not another? I've no idea about the course or standard, but sure that's all part of the adventure.

My coach told me after the last 10km that the time I set there was the new standard for me. From now on no matter what my training build up has been I have to know that I won't run slower than 34 minutes. So no pressure then!
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