Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Onwards and upwards

I think writing the blog post soon after the race finished really helped me on Sunday. When I was talking to my coach later on he asked me why I thought it didn't go right and as I had it fully analysed earlier, and typed out, I knew exactly what to say... when I needed to be a tough bastard, I wasn't. It's a learning curve I can deal with. Trying to find the fast pace that hurts but is maintainable is going to be hard. All I've got to do is keep trying. Like every other distance it will come about eventually. Every race isn't going to be perfect.

About 10 weeks back or so I ran a 10k in 36.40... A few weeks later I took over two minutes from that time. Before that I spent a lot longer than "a few weeks" trying to get my marathon time down. It was two years and three marathons before I took it down to what I knew I could run. One of them failed marathons isn't talked about much in these parts, infact I tend to pretend it didn't happen. We'll skim by it very quickly...

Rotterdam 2007... I heard that the conditions were so bad that day that the elite athletes didn't have it put on their records. This may or may not be true but I heard it and I'm sticking with it! The times not on my record either! I'm not sure exactly what I ran (crawled) that day, I've never gone back to look at the results. I knew on the day, I texted it to my coach and I soon wiped it from memory - it was definitely my slowest ever. I also don't have the medal for that day. It was binned, but not on purpose. Although when I realised on the train home that I'd left it in the bag of crap I got after the marathon, which I'd left by the bin in the hotel room, I didn't care to be honest. 6 months later I toed the line in Dublin and took 15 minutes off my marathon time... about 45 minutes off my Rotterdam time!

By no means whatsoever does Rathfarnham on Sunday come anywhere close to the heat wave that April in Rotterdam. I know that with perseverance I will run a 5k race that I'm ecstatic with for a few days. Then I'll start to think "now I can run faster", just like the marathon last year, the 10k just gone, and the first time I ran 1.21 half marathon. I took some lessons from Sunday's race, I'm not disappointed with it, it's just another race that's a platform to the next one. All I took from Rotterdam was severe dehydration.
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