Sunday, October 5, 2008

Race Report #14 - I hate 5k! (16m 42s)

What a horrible distance! Great course, great conditions, super fast field but my God did it hurt. Officially I've got my fastest 5k time to date there - 16.42 - I'm neither happy nor disappointed with it, just pleased it's over! It was the kind of race where I was going to learn a lot about myself. As I said I'd wanted to put my body under stress and race through it. I certainly managed the stress part... the racing through it wasn't as successful.

There's not much to say about the whole race as it all followed the same theme, just keep going. I probably covered the first mile the fastest I ever have in a race, which would make it the fastest mile I have ever run. There was someone giving splits at the first mile marker and I went through it sub 5 minutes, as planned. Granted I didn't think the mile had been that fast. The start had been congested and hard to get going, slightly downhill with what wind there was today into our faces. I probably didn't need to weave as much as I did in the opening mile, but I didn't think I was running fast when I was stuck behind people so I pushed on.

I've no idea on any other splits over the course. Up to the 2 mile mark I was hanging onto those around me and working off them. It was tough and I could feel my heart pounding like never before in a race... infact I don't think I've ever noticed my heart beating in a race. The last kilometre was hard, very hard. This is where I was going to learn about myself racing under stress. I was definately running, but I wasn't racing. I was simply just trying to get to the finish line at that point. In them kind of conditions you have to be tough, a hard bastard as my coach always says to me. Today I wasn't hard enough, simple as.

I have to be pleased with getting my fastest time over 5k and finishing poorly, and belive me I am. I just know there's more in there. I could think that I started too fast and paid for it down the line but that's not how I think. That's the kind of pace I need to start out at, I just have to work harder to maintain that... become tougher.

I'll update this with the time the race was won in when I know it. I head it was low 14 minutes but not too sure on that yet. I'll be struggling to have made the top 50.... quite a fast race it has to be said
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