Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skinny Fit Private

Walking around town on Saturday afternoon I noticed something bizarre. My boxers kept sliding down, meaning that every few minutes I had to start yanking them back up. I did get very wet on Friday's training session... Did I shrink in it? Thank god the trousers stayed in place or it could have been a whole lot more embarrassing. The past few weeks I'd become aware that I'd more than likely lost some weight, but this was ridiculous. Since moving back to Ireland I've had a full length mirror for the first time since moving away almost 5 years ago, so it was a lot easier to spot my weight, or lack of it. What I don't have is a weighing scales.

I jumped on the parent's scales on Sunday and was even more shocked then than discovering I'd shrunk in the wash. About two months ago I'd have said I was in or around 78 kilos (171 lbs / 12 st 3 ). That would be the lowest I've weighed since... uhm, well, since I've grown up. Generally I'd have been a few pounds heavier. On Sunday I weighed less than 75 kilos (164 lbs / 11 st 10). That's a lot of weight to be dropping off in a few months. The odd thing is that I'm definitely eating as much as before, not training more, sleeping well, not sick, I'm pretty much a very healthy individual. Where did all the weight go? Why did it choose now to leave and not over the course of the last year. I've been weighing between 78 and 80 kilos for near on 18 months. What makes these last two months so special? I don't particularly want it back as I'd assume the less I weigh the less I have to carry when I run. What I want to know is how come it's gone.

Pre-running Private used to weigh slightly more than 80 kilos. Back in my final year in college, when I used to box, I was boxing heavy weight. For my first fight I was 86 kilos (189 lbs / 13 st 7) for the weigh in. Most of that weight was carried in my face... my cheeks to be percise!
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