Saturday, October 11, 2008

What perfect conditions for running in...

As we used to say when I was younger... Not! Friday's fartlek session was a bit of a washout. All day the weather had been threatening. A bit of drizzle. Dry spell. More drizzle. Stop again. Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle. When I started out it wasn't so bad, but by the end it was relentless. For my last rep I was into a full on head wind, with equally heavy rain, blurring my vision, vest stuck to me and shoes sloshing with water, similar to if I'd just fallen in a swimming pool . It's odd how the stronger the wind against me, the stronger I seem to push it to hold on. The last rep felt the best out of the lot of them, it more than likely wasn't, just all down to the fact that it was run into the worst conditions of the session. On the jog back to chez moi afterwards what would have bothered me on any other day didn't even cause me to blink or break stride... just as I turned a corner a bus was going in the other direction covered me from head to toe with a puddle. At that stage I was wet enough that I wasn't going to be bothered by that soaking.

The session itself went well enough. I ended up feeling better about it, probably more so psychologically from having headed out in that weather. 14 x 1 minute hard with a minute and a half jogging in between. It's probably my favourite of all the hard sessions I carry out, and generally I do it year round, at least once a week. It's a session I'd recommend anyone to carry out for a bit of speed endurance. A couple of miles to warm up, then the session, followed by a couple of miles to warm down.

It's getting harder to go out in the evenings now with winter getting that ever closer. I don't know what exactly it is - probably the darker evenings making me feel tired - but as I'm getting ready to head out I definitely feel a bit more fatigued than usual. My training hasn't changed, or the time I'm running at, so it has to be the fact it's greyer out there. In the coming weeks I'm going to have to adjust the times of my runs to take this into account as when the clocks go back (/forward? - I never know which way they go... all I know that this time it's the "bad" one!) it's only going to get bleaker and harder.

Tomorrow I'm going to try get out and run with the local club for the Sunday long run. I've failed this far to ever be up and ready to meet people for 9 o'clock. Hopefully tomorrow will be different. If not I'll still get out and do 15 miles on my todd, as per usual, when I get up.
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