Friday, November 21, 2008

Back.... sort of

I've been back in the world of work for the past few days and the struggle to adjust to it and find my old routine has meant that blogging has come to a wee standstill. So here's a quick update on what's what over the past while.

- Ran 15 miles before the heat kicked in in LA only then to see a "No Sports" warning in the paper afterwards over breakfast. Probably not the smartest run I've ever done. In fairness the smoke filled air didn't really seem to become noticeable until around midday, a few hours after I'd finished.
- Currently suffering from withdrawal symptoms knowing that this weekends breakfast won't comprise of waffles, pancakes or French toast. Judging by the menu in Eddie Rockets they're not a typical American diner. Burgers and an Irish Fry seem to be the choices there.
- Leaving my sisters apartment at 13:30 on Monday to head to the airport and arriving chez moi in Dublin at 17:45 Tuesday was not as bad as it sounds. The worst part of the whole thing was taking over half an hour to drive the last 2 miles back to mine in rush hour traffic.
- Talked myself into training with the local club at 19:00 on Tuesday. Not too sure if this was a good or bad move... definitely a strange choice
- Decided there will be a marathon this Spring. Where and when is up for grabs at the moment.
- Along with the work routine I'm now trying to fit in a new training routine. Dublin is colder and darker than when I left at the end of October.
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