Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Failure

Just as everything was going so well on the training front I get a day like today. The past few weeks the tempo runs, intervals, long runs and just your plain ordinary easy runs have all been going without a glitch. I was so happy with how they've been I even toyed with the idea of a race in the States next week before heading home. That decision was scratched as I don't want to sacrifice my last Saturday night in LA because I have a race on the Sunday morning. I am itching for a race though and can't wait to get home to see what's next on the agenda. Racing aside, I'm quite happy to keep this holiday going.

Back to today. I'm not too sure what went wrong with the session. It was meant to be 5 mile tempo run, if I got to three miles I'd be impressed. It just never started for me. My breathing was uncomfortable from before I started into the steady part of the run and from there I never really got going. A wrong turn or two on the way didn't help matters as I had to stop and retrace my steps. Annoyingly it was easier to call it quits than to try struggle on in the end. Now, a few hours later, my legs feel absolutely fine. Good enough to go out for a jog. I'm not going to do that, it just adds to the frustration that I didn't push myself hard enough. Usually I get Saturday off to recover from Friday's session in preparation for Sunday's long run. Maybe, just maybe I'll throw in a few miles easy tomorrow. Then again I have to get myself through a Friday night in a new town first...
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