Monday, November 10, 2008

Please unload ammo before entering the store

After finding a bar serving pints at $3 a pop on Friday night Saturday was a wash out. I'm not too sure the hangover is related to the $3 beers, but more to the own brewed beers in the first bar of the night. But either way Saturday's hangover ranks right up there.

Thankfully Anto, the guy I was meant to train with this morning, pulled out and I had to start out alone. The reason why I'm thankful is this line of the e-mail on Friday:
"20 or 21 miles relatively easy... no 5.30 miles or any crazy shit like that"
I wasn't too sure what kind of pace he had in mind and 15 miles was my limit for the day so news of him not being able to make it wasn't all that bad.

Instead I headed out solo at a nice easy pace. After a few minutes I saw a group of lads up in front, jogging along at what seemed like a nice pace. Following behind them on a bike was obviously their couch. These guys must be part of a club on their long run. Sweet, up the pace, catch them, and join in.

As soon as I caught up with them and asked if it was alright to tag along I thought their pace was a bit slow, but this was only due to the fact that I'd had to up my pace to catch them in the first place. As I settled in with them I explained how I wasn't to sure of the area so this was saving me some hassle from having to plan a route. Turns out they were from out of town and all. I asked the usual questions then, where you from? what has you here? what are you training for? and so on. This is where I learnt I was out of my depth. Three German middle distance runners over on a training camp, preparing for the indoor season. Two 800m runners and a 1,500m runner is who I ended up with.

"I know two runners from Ireland" says Janeth, "Liam... he's knew. I don't know him personally but I've raced against him a few times. Liam..."
Uhm... Liam Reale?
"Yah, Liam Reale and Alistair Cragg of course"
Ah yes, Alistair, of course, who doesn't know him? Shiiiiit! I bet he's saying "raced Liam Reale" more accurately than when I say I raced some elite in a mass participation race. I'm way out of my depth here.... Maybe I should tell them about the pub with pints for $3!
"Are you over here too on warm weather training?"
Isn't there more convenient places in Europe for warm weather training?! Eh, nooooo no no... just visiting family and now travelling for a few days.

For fear that in any second my new German friends were going to up the pace this guy shut up the small talk to save precious breath. All of a sudden Anto and his "no crazy shit" seemed like a much better option. The pace never picked up though. We stayed at a comfortable pace the whole way through. Each time something was shouted at us (them) from the coach on his relaxing bike ride I thought it was him telling them to up the pace but it never happened. Coming to the end of the session I actually understood when the coach shouted "letzten fünf Kilometer"... such a lovely language!

Private runs with elites and doesn't die. Monsieur Laget, the French 2:16 marathoner who pep talked me and left me for dead during training sessions back in France would be so proud... Suddenly Friday's shite tempo run is right out the window.
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