Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Sequence of events that make no sense

13:00 - Fairly dodgy pub in town for a couple of pints before the Ireland v Argentina game.
14:45 - Croke Park for the match.
17:00 - Grub and more pints after the match
20:30 - Stop in to yet another pub for more pints
21:30 - End up in final pub for pints and dancing
00:00 - Enough is enough and night bus beckons

09:00 - Wake up with a massive headache and decide to go back to sleep
11:45 - Finally get up and have a bowl of porridge
14:00 - Start into a long run without water or energy gels
16:00 - Arrive back chez moi

Now, what makes no sense is how the hell was that one of my best long runs? Coming to the last 3 miles I could feel my legs getting stiff but my energy levels were perfect. At no stage did I feel the need to drink water and the pace was pretty damn fast from about 4 miles until 13 miles when I started to wind down. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that over the last few weeks the long runs have all taken place in the heat. Or it could be the alcohol... either way I wish I had a race this weekend.
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