Thursday, November 27, 2008

Too many bottles

Talking with CR this week about how my training was going led to a bit of confusion. At one stage his analogy of a bag that can hold 8 bottles and trying to fit 12 into it left me a bit confused. I've taken don't overload yourself with training out of the story - really it would of been simpler if he said that rather than the bottle metaphor. Pretty simply, I had a tough training session on Tuesday with the local club (5 x 1200m on the road), so he wanted to be sure I would take it really easy on Wednesday. Believe me, the way the legs were feeling on Wednesday, taking it really easy was the only option. I'm thinking more about this bottle analogy now and I can kind of see where he was going with it... I would lose the benefit of Tuesday's session if I pushed myself too hard and didn't recover, kind of like the bottles falling from the bag I suppose!!

Ok, away from the bottles now. The talk also went on about various different training programs and mileages and so forth. Everyone isn't the same so different programs will bring out different results in different people. He mentioned athletes he used to know that would run 10 miles in 50 minutes on a Friday morning, and again on a Friday evening and then 20 miles hard on the Sunday, not a bother to him. Other athletes who got by on 150 miles a week, while lads doing the same times as them were only doing 40-50 miles. When I wondered aloud how you can fit in 150 miles a week he informed me of his training plan when he was younger. He used to do 130 miles a week, 6 months of the year, zipping around the place at 9 stone, loving running the people he was with into the ground. The day to day of it pretty much looked something like this:
Monday: 6 miles AM - 12 miles PM
Tuesday: 6 miles AM - 6 x 1 mile intervals PM (with whatever warm up and warm down)
Wednesday: 6 miles AM - 12 miles PM
Thursday: 6 miles AM - 12 miles PM
Friday: 6 miles AM - 24 x 400m PM
Saturday: 9 miles hard as you can
Sunday: 22 miles

6 months of the year that was what he was doing... Completely and utterly insane!! I think I'll gladly stick with my 6 days of running, averaging about 60 miles a week, thank you very much.
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