Monday, December 1, 2008

Lend me your legs, I'll bust them up, but I'll replace them

Friday's training session has been haunting my legs all weekend. With cross country season just around the corner I took my XC trainers out for their first run since last February. For some reason the long spikes were nowhere to be found, so I had to make do with taking the short spikes from my track shoes. Spikes ready, on I headed to the Phoenix park for some tough mud running.

The session was a fairly tough 16 x 1 minute with 1 minute 30 seconds recovery jog. As the spikes weren't all that long I was still slipping a bit at times, but nothing that prevented a good solid session. The second I finished the last rep I felt a stitch coming on. Nicely timed. Happy with the days training I headed back home.

All was fine until Saturday morning I noticed that my hamstrings were particularly tight. Uncomfortably tight if truth be told. There was definite discomfort when I put pressure on them with my hands. Thankfully no training was on the cards for Saturday, so I took it really easy.

Sunday was the problem. The discomfort wasn't as bad on Sunday but hadn't disappeared completely. I had told a few lads I'd meet them for a long run and I had no numbers to cancel it. I can't really use the fact that I had said I'd meet someone as my excuse for running as I know me, meeting people or not, the Sunday long run would have happened. The fact that I met up with this crowd probably helped me for two reasons. First off, the pace was slower than I usually do on my own and secondly, they were only doing 12 miles, whereas I usually do 15. The pace wasn't overly slow, just a gear down from my usual long run pace; For the duration we could maintain a conversation without being breathless at any state. At the end I wasn't struggling at all whereas the norm would be to be pushing yourself somewhat come the end of a long run.

Today there's no improvement on the hamstrings but also no dis-improvement. The normal training today would be an easy 8 miles around the park. I think I've more to lose than to gain by doing that session so it's legs up this evening and a day off. Tomorrow's session is speed work with the club and I want to be able to do that. As I've been told from numerous sources my two speed workouts and long run are the important of the week. No point jeopardising being able to take part in a speed workout just because my routine has me jogging on a Monday. So today I remain sensible and fingers crossed that by taking my foot off the gas slightly this week my hamstrings will sort themselves out.

Title based on Fight Like Apes' track "Lend me your face"
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