Monday, December 15, 2008

Pictures and other stuff

Another double weekend of races in Dublin means even more RacePix365. And guess what? I'm still to appear in any of the races! That's right, 3 months, seven races in or around Dublin and I am nowhere to be seen... God dammit... the next race, I'll hopefully be there somewhere. The new pictures are from the BHAA NSRT Cross Country race, which looked fairly muddy to tell the truth. The other race over the weekend was the Donore Harriers Jingle Bells 5k race. This was in no way a muddy race, 100% on the roads with no streams to cross. Seriously, there was a stream to go through in the cross country on Saturday. What joker had that great idea? I'd have been well pissed off if I came across that in a race...

My legs are finally back to normal after last weeks Cross Country race. A trip to the magician was called needed to help things move along. A hard 16 mile long run yesterday morning let me know that there's no longer any ill affects left from the race or from Friday's work Christmas party for that matter.

Next up on Private's calendar is a 5k race on New Years Day. The race is on in the Phoenix Park at lunch time so I should be well recovered from the night before's exploits by the time that kicks off. It should be interesting to see how a race will pan out in the middle of a hard drinking regime. As there's so many intense drinking sessions planned for the next few weeks I'm going to have to take it very easy on the days that don't already have a drinking schedule lined up. One day is down now with the work drinks taken care of. All though there's a chance Friday could lead to more as it's the last day before the Christmas break. This weekend coming I'll have the annual Christmas pub crawl with my group of friends. Then there's obviously Christmas eve and Christmas day which are going to be tough. If I can go from Stephen's Day to New Years Eve without a drink I'll be doing well. Not one of these (drinking) sessions are your quiet pints with friends affairs... they'll all start out that way but sure as hell won't end that way.

This could be the most alcohol fueled build up to a race since my ill advised attempt at Paris in 2004...
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