Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The alcohol consumption has been sorted. No alcohol has passed my lips since Christmas Day, with the exception of some Champagne Truffles! I managed to stay on soft drinks at a poker night on Stephen's Day (and doubled my money), Lucozade was the order of the day on both the 27th and 28th which were both reunion type nights. Since then it's been plain sailing. The next tough one will be New Years Eve. Hopefully I'll get away with a few glasses of wine and then some fake drinking. Once the friends think there's alcohol being drank I'm safe. There is also the fact that fake drinking could turn real depending how the night is panning out. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it I suppose.

I'm fairly focused on the 5k on New Years day. Even with the Christmas break I still believe I can make a good show of myself. Do I think I can get a PB? Damn straight. Do I think it will reflect my recent form? No chance. Recent form being some savage training runs and the last cross country which saw me finish ahead of some good competition. Even though I've only missed one training session over the past two weeks I haven't been happy with how the other sessions have panned out. The best way to describe them is sluggish. On Stephen's Day I surprisingly hit a good 14 x 1 minute workout in the park, but it took everything out of me. Whereas a week beforehand I did 16 and felt like I could have gone on forever.

Cutting out the drink in the last week is one achievement but there was one other thing that has to be taken into account. The Christmas diet. I may have hit the booze on the head but mince pies, roses, Christmas puddings, cakes, and many, many cheeses were eaten in huge quantities over the past seven days. That probably has something to do with the below par training. On the plus side with no work for the past 10 days I've been getting more sleep than usual.

The race being on a Thursday has thrown my race week routine somewhat. I know exactly what I would have done on a standard race week but this time I had to wing it somewhat. Sunday's long run was the same as normal, then I cut Monday's run down by a few miles. Today was the issue. Tuesday is usually speed work, long intervals or a tempo run. Should I just jog it or throw in some speed work? I've only once raced on a Thursday and that time I got away with a track session on the Tuesday evening and had a great race on the Thursday, but that was a long time ago... In the end I compromised - 5 miles with 1 minute at about 70% at the end of every mile. Tomorrow will be an easy 4 miles.

Then race day. I can't really say how I plan my pre-race to go just yet as a large part of that will depend on what time I get to bed the night before.I seem to be full of excuses for why this race won't go well but my gut still says it will be fine. Even if the training hasn't been perfect of late, everything before that has still been banked. Come race day, no excuses.
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