Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today's specials are...

When I go to a restaurant I have to order quickly. There can be no hanging around, a glance at the menu and go with the first thing that catches my eye. Menu closed. Order. Everyone's happy. If the waiter is slow to come over and take our order trouble starts. The questions about who is having what start. I'll hear something better than what I saw. No one likes food envy. The menu reopens. Too many choices. I'll have about four or five options going through my head by the time the waiter comes over. Everyone's ordering. Shit. What do I want? The meal will come out... Damn it. How come I never see the mixed grill?!

That is where I am now with this marathon choice. What started out as "I'll do a marathon in May, how hard can it be to pick one?" is now the menu open and the waiter asking the rest of the table what they want. One option is booked out - Mainz - could that have been the mixed grill? Copenhagen, yes the girl that got away is from there but rumour has it there are loads of turns and you go up and down a few times on curbs. The girl can't make up for curbs, Copenhagen is out.

With two scratched off the list you'd think we're getting somewhere. But no, Belfast falls the same day as Dusseldorf - if Dusseldorf is still in the running then so to is Belfast. No flights for Belfast, I could even stay at a friend's place the day before. It's an option alright. Copenhagen may be gone from the perfect date slot but step forward Newry town marathon. Newry would probably be a tougher marathon than Belfast or Dusseldorf but it has the good date thing going for it. The elevation chart on their site looks fierce scary, but I reckon if you were to stretch it out a bit it wouldn't be anymore daunting than Dublin, plus all the hills appear in the first half. Another thing Newry has going for it is the choice of races leading up to it. The Irish Novice Road race falls on the same weekend as the Bel-dorf marathons. That would be the perfect final race before a marathon as it's 6km and only 3 weeks before Newry. Or even the Irish 10k championships falls 4 weeks before Newry. Then again I'm sure I could find suitable races as build up races no matter what date the marathon is on. Decisions, decisions... has anyone got a three sided coin?
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