Friday, January 9, 2009

Break Time

After Tuesdays workout of 6 x 2 minutes with 2 minutes recovery saw me hanging off the end of the other lads, before drifting off the end, my legs weren't feeling the freshest. Today I took my XC spikes out to the Phoenix park for a 14 x 1 minute session. I decided that with a XC race next weekend it was time to dust them off having left them untouched since the last race 6 weeks back. Running around that grass and hills and what not sure as hell isn't easy. Within a few hours my legs are back to being stiff again.

I had a quick chat with CR and he's decided that a weekend off is in order. The concept of a few days off is one I understand completely. I knew I needed a few days off but there's no way I'd have taken them. Understanding I have, confidence to take the time off without feeling guilty I don't. As CR said, that's why I have a coach to tell me these things.

From now until Monday evening my running shoes are going to be hidden from view.
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