Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry new year's resolution everyone...

... and welcome to the world of running...

Last night was the first evening of the year I'd headed out for an oul' jog. Christmas holidays had meant that for the past few weeks it's been day light running for this guy. My God though, talk about an increase in running traffic! I've never seen anything like it - even at the peak of the Dublin marathon training time there wasn't as many people out running as this, the first Monday of the new year. Added to the running traffic were the people who've obviously decided to walk and cycle* to and from work. The hive of activity continued as I returned to my apartment to meet a couple from the floor above me equipped in running gear, ready to tackle the night.

"I wish we were finished as well"
were the last words I heard as the lift door closed behind me.

*by the way cyclists, if I'm running on a path with lights on the least you can do is have them on your bike - especially going through the virtually non existent light of the Phoenix Park
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