Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Race Week - in the mud again

After a few days rest I'm back, but wouldn't say I'm completely fresh yet. A weekend off running was definitely called for. I don't know if it was the niggling cough I've had for a week, plenty of training or getting back into a routine that saw me waking up at 7.30am again, but this weekend I was shattered throughout... and that was without running at all... How would I be feeling now if I'd done Sunday's long run?

As this is a race week I shouldn't be doing too many miles in training. Tonight's workout will tell me if I benefited from the few days rest. Last week I was hanging off the end of everyone during the 2 minute intervals, usually I'm in the mix. After this workout I'll start to wind down the miles over the next few days. Probably an easy 8 miles tomorrow, 6 Thursday, 4/5 on Friday with a few strides thrown in, and Saturday off. Then the race on Sunday.

10km Cross Country, I can't say I'm looking forward to it. In the past 15 months the furthest I've raced has been 10km, but on the road. Running through the mud for that distance should be some slog. If I've aspirations of running a fast 10 miler in the next few months the workout from this race should stand to me. The standard in this race is also going to blow me away. So much so that CR's advice has been to forget about those well in front of me and race with the mindset that I'm up front. Pick off as many people as I can over the second half of the race. As I don't know anyone in the race besides those in my club I reckon I'll just pit myself against them. The goal I have set for myself is to try to be in first two home from the club - my own race within the race. Ideally I'd say first home from the club, but there's a chance one of the Masters is racing, and I'm not going to touch him in the mud. If he's there the goal is second home from the club, otherwise first.
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