Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Week One (14 to Go) - Let the fun begin

Why can't every week of training be like week one of my marathon schedule. It's sooooo easy. Really, no hard sessions in there. Everything has to be done at an easy pace. Lovely stuff!

Over the past few months my weekly mileage has been relatively low. The last time I went above 50 miles was way back at the start of October. Since then it's been low 40s and high 30s every week. I've been running and racing well off this mileage so there wasn't any need to change. Also CR reckoned it'd be easy to add extra miles on come marathon training time. If I'd been running 10 miles a day for the last few months there'd be no room to add extra miles on to my daily session.

This week the miles are being bumped up and with that there's no speed work at all. This makes it my second week in a row with no real workout. I'm going to die next week when they start back. Monday to Friday's sessions are to be 8 easy miles. Day off Saturday. 15 easy miles on Sunday. That'll bring the mileage up to 55 miles for the week.

The two other tasks of week one are getting a blood test and a visit to the magician to give the legs a once over. CR wants to know my iron levels, his analogy for this is about trying to drive a car with no petrol. I've been told before to get this done twice a year. The last time I went was probably about 18 months ago now. Apparently it takes 10 days to get the results of this. God knows what they do be doing. In France I stopped by the clinic the next morning for a print out of the results and then a few days later received another print out in the post. Ah well, it's done now and it was cheaper in Dublin. I can deal with the wait.

If the rest of the weeks turn out to be as nice as this marathon training will be a peice of piss...
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