Monday, February 9, 2009

An all season run

Having (at least) two pairs of runners on the go was essential for last weeks training. Nothing to do with the miles that were being put in, more to do with the fact that the pair I wore on Tuesday got so soaked that they were out of commission until yesterday. Early on on yesterday's run I thought it was going to be a case of déjà vu, instead I got to experience an array of weather types.

I woke yesterday to a blanket of snow. No idea where it came from as it wasn't there or threatening to be there in the wee hours when I got home. As an aside, I behaved myself completely and came back in a very sober state - two pints really doesn't count as drinking. By the time I started my run the rain had started, which meant the opening few miles were through a melting sludge rather than snow. After about 4 miles the rain stopped and I got to use the road which was sludge free. It was no harm at all having my pace restricted for the opening 4 miles, allowing me to ease into a comfortable pace. By 6 miles the sun was out and with no wind was surprisingly strong. So much so that the gloves came off and went down the shorts. The hat was there from about 1 mile into the run. I was now regretting wearing tights and two long sleeve tops. Starting into my second lap of the park the sludge on the paths was all but gone thanks to the sun and rain combo. The clouds came back by the ninth mile, together with a temperature drop and a cold breeze. Gloves back out and on for the remainder. There was one more run in with the sun later but the gloves stayed on regardless as I knew that I had another two miles into the breeze over the last 3 miles.

All in all I was chuffed with the long run this week. The effort I put in felt a lot less than last week. At no stage was I pushing myself and I felt like I could of put in an extra 3 or 4 miles no problem if I'd had to. 15 miles was what the schedule called for, so that's all that was put in. I have to remind myself though that over the past four weeks there's been no speed sessions. The only tough session has been the long run and with a week to recover from each one there's a very good reason why they're so comfortable at this stage. The real question is how comfortable they'll be in the next few weeks with a workout thrown in on the Tuesday and Friday.

Week two of getting miles back into the legs is complete. Now to start getting speed back into the legs that have gotten miles back into them.
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